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What is your support and upgrade policy?

Following your purchase, you will be eligible to unlimited, priority ticket and live chat support for a term of monthly/1 month/1 year depending on your choice of ordered product. You may freely upgrade to all newer versions and receive bugfix updates which are released during your support term.
The support covers questions, issue resolutions and requests for design tips.
If you have subscribed to annual support, it will automatically renew at a discounted price each year unless canceled.
If your support term has expired, you may at any time subscribe again and start receiving priority support and new version upgrades as well as bugfix updates.
Any special requests which require dedicated work like database design, writing multiline script procedures or data transfer/conversion are not included in default support commitment and is subject to additional payment. Contact support if you have such requests.
Check order page for available support options by product.
Check upgrade policy for details about upgrade eligibility.

How fast is your support?

Response times for ticket support may vary depending on severity and complexity of the issue, but statistically, majority of support requests get a reply within a few hours with rarely exceeding 24 hours. Customers with an active support subscription get priority support in terms of both timing and resources. Emergency conditions also take higher priority.

What ways of support do you offer? May I call you?

You are recommended to contact via our support ticket system which allows both customers and us to track the history of the issues, thus significantly raising the effectiveness and speed of support.
You may also use the online chat tool whenever available on contact page to get immediate answers to your basic questions or minor issues.

Consult this page for documentation and training videos.

Note that, some support requests may require multiple phases like analysis, testing, request for further information or files/screenshots to better understand the issue. This makes phone calls most of the time far less useful for a quick resolution.

The reply I got for my support request was too technical / too basic to be helpful

Please note that, we do not have any idea about your technical background. So, suggested way of solution may look too technical for some users while too basic/trivial for others. This is especially true when asking for design tips, where different approaches exist. You are recommended to add a note about your technical level in your inquiries so we can tune the answer to be most helpful for you.

The answer to my support request did not resolve the issue!

Please keep in mind that, some issues may require multiple steps of information exchanges before it can be fully understood and resolved completely. You are expected to follow up your request and provide the requested information in order to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible.

When will the next version be available?

There are no predetermined release dates, however, you may get an idea if you check the history of new version releases from changelog page.

How do you handle bugs?

Non-critical bugs are fixed with either a bugfix update or the next version release. In case of a critical bug which impacts the use of the software severely, you will be offered a workaround solution if possible or a bugfix update depending on the issue.



What are the system requirements to run SpeeBase?

SpeedBase runs on either of the Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP operating systems including server editions and both 32/64bit systems. For local network setups, you may keep your database on a computer or an external storage device (NAS).
You may run SpeedBase on a typical consumer computer even as old as 10 years still with good performance. No server machine, other software or framework is required.

My antivirus software or online virus checkers block SpeedBase or report it as unsafe.

Certain antivirus software are known to block SpeedBase files or installers. Should this case happen, you may consider temporarily disabling your antivirus software during installation.
For more information, check the help page for troubleshooting of installation issues

I am unable to download or run setup file!

Your antivirus software or Windows Defender might be blocking the download. Should this case happen, you may consider temporarily disabling your antivirus software during installation.
For more information, check the help page for troubleshooting of installation issues

How can I create an exact copy of my database?

Go to your data folder and then enter the folder "db". Locate your database file, create a copy of it and then rename. You may then connect to the new database by modifying connection settings. Beware that you may easily forget which database you are connected to and modify the wrong database file.

Can I install SpeedBase on Linux / Mac?

You may try using Windows emulation software to run SpeedBase on Linux, however this type of application is not tested.

(Multiuser Edition) Do I have to install SpeedBase or any other software to my server?

No. You only need to install SpeedBase to the computers which will be used to access the database. The database can however be stored on any computer or NAS without installing any software.

Can I run SpeedBase from a usb flash drive without installation?

No. SpeedBase requires to be installed to a computer with Windows operating system.

Which languages does SpeedBase support?

For User Interface: SpeedBase user interface is in English language only for the moment.
For Data Entry/View: All european languages are supported. Support for non-western languages depends on the local language configuration as well as edition of the Windows operating system. If you have any difficulty to display a language, contact us to get some recommendations that may possibly help to display the preferred language.

What is the backend database infrastructure of SpeedBase?

SpeedBase uses Microsoft Jet Database engine (a.k.a. Access Database) in the backend. It is a native part of Microsoft Windows operating system and does not require additional licensing or product installation.
Support for more database engines is planned for future versions.

What are the limits of size and number of records I can have in my database?

Consult this page for detailed information about limitations.

Can I keep my database on a removable device like usb flash drives?

You may keep your database on an external hard drive or external SSD drive without any worries, however you are not recommended to use a usb flash drive because these devices are known to be unreliable devices when intensive write operations occur like in a database system.
Whichever type of storage you choose, it is a good idea to set your backup folder on a different drive (see preferences). Decreasing your backup interval may balance the risk of a possible main drive failure.

What if I have to replace my computer or format hard drive? How to move SpeedBase installation and data to a new computer ?

You only need to copy your current data folder to the new computer and then install SpeedBase normally. After startup, you may need to adjust connection settings to select your data folder in its new location.
Click here for detailed instructions.

Can I create and work with multiple databases?

Yes, but not recommended because of the possible inconvenience. If you do so, remember that you will only receive the reminders created on the active database.

Can I use Dropbox, synch software or any virtual drive solution to share my database with other users?

No. These type of services do not create a real shared folder. Do not put your data folder into such type of folder otherwise you will most likely lose data. They are however recommended for the cloud backup option provided with version 5 or later.

Is it possible to open and work on different databases on separate windows?

Yes. Please check the related help page about running multiple instances.



Can I open SpeedBase database using any other database software?

It is not possible for any other database software to interpret the data structure of your database and display data in the same way as you see in SpeedBase.

Can I access my database remotely thru internet?

Please check the documentation about remote connection options.

Can I access my database from mobile devices, tablets or web browsers?

SpeedBase requires a computer with Windows operating system. You may not access your database from mobile devices or web browsers. For detailed information check the documentation about remote connection options.

Can I edit my data using third party software or direct SQL access?

SpeedBase maintains and updates it's own system data in your database. Editing your data by any means outside SpeedBase is dangerous as you may easily turn your database into an inconsistent state which may cause unexpected behaviors or it may become impossible to be opened by SpeedBase anymore. In that case, the database cannot be repaired by technical support and you will have to restore your database from a recent backup. This condition may limit or void your support contract.



Do you require online activation?

No. After your purchase, you will receive a permanent license key which you can use even without internet connection.

I have a single user license for SpeedBase Professional. How can I add more users?

Note that SpeedBase Professional is a single user product. It is NOT possible to add more users by purchasing another single user license or additional users. If you need two or more users to concurrently connect to your database, you should upgrade to multiuser (TeamWork) edition. You can do so by purchasing the item "Upgrade to TeamWork Edition" from order page.

I have a multiuser user license for SpeedBase TeamWork. How can I add more users?

Purchase the item "Additional User License for SpeedBase TeamWork" from order page and enter the number of additional users you need during your purchase. When your order is processed, the order information will be matched with your existing customer profile and you will receive an updated license key by email. Your new license will contain number of users of your older license plus number of users you just purchased.

I have a single user license. Can I install SpeedBase to my second computer?

Yes. You may install and register SpeedBase on another computer of you own, provided that you are the sole user of the software.

It is also possible to place your data folder on a shared folder on your local network. Beware that however, with a single user license, the software will not accept more than one connection to your database. So, if you keep your database on a shared folder and connect from your second computer, you have to terminate SpeedBase on the initial computer before starting it on the second machine.

Will my license key ever expire?

For lifetime (one-time payment) license purchases, your license is valid for life-time, it will never expire. Purchasing a support subsciption is optional for this license type.
A 12 months subscription license remains valid as long as you keep your subscription active. If you cancel your subscription, the validity of your license key ends at the end of the last paid subscription period. Once you complete all payments for 12 months, your license is converted to a permanent license and you will receive an updated license key which you can use for lifetime.

Can I still use my license after changing to a new computer or reinstalling operating system?

Yes. All you have to do is to install SpeedBase and enter your license code as you did before.

Do I need Microsoft Access Program to run SpeedBase?

No. The database backend used by SpeedBase is a native part of Windows operating system and does not require licensing.

Does SpeedBase send or receive data thru internet for any purpose?

SpeedBase exchanges data via internet in the following conditions only:
- By default, SpeedBase sends a bug report to our servers in case a runtime error was detected. This report only contains technical information about the error and no user data or customer information is included.
- SpeedBase checks for new version notifications and critical announcements if any.
You may disable these functions under the "privacy" section of preferences window, however we strongly recommend to keep it active as the error reports can be very helpful for a quick resolution in case you have any issue you want to report in the future. The amount of data is tiny and communication is expected to happen rarily in both cases.

- SpeedBase periodically sends queries to your own database even if left idle to check reminders and messages from users (applies to multiuser license). This traffic stays in your own local network, however, in case you are connecting to your database via VPN thru an ISP with a limited mobile data plan, you may consider reducing this traffic from preferences window (see performance section) in the expense of slightly delayed messaging.
- SpeedBase also contains an online license verification component to minimize software piracy.
None of the functionalities mentioned here are critical for running SpeedBase. You may run SpeedBase on a computer without internet connection.

What type of information does the automatic bug reporting feature send?

The bug reports generated by SpeedBase consists of definition of error, code segment that generated the error, SpeedBase version and Windows version. No user data is included in a bug report.



How can I safely change my database design without worrying about messing things or damaging data?

Create a snapshot backup before modifying your database design. Make sure that everything is working the way you want. If you are not completely satisfied, you may quickly restore your last backup with a few clicks.
If you just want to experiment something, export first your design template to file, create a new database with a new name and then import the design template to the new database. You may now safely make modifications without hurting your actual database. When finished, you can return to your actual database by selecting it from connection settings window and repeat the design changes if you want.

How can I change the title text of records?

By default, SpeedBase automatically selects data from one of the fields to display as record title. You can choose the field you want from catalog properties window. Right click the catalog name, select "Properties", select the desired field from primary field box. You are recommended to choose the most descriptive field which preferably carries unique data like name, title or code.

Can I use SpeedBase to send and receive emails?

While SpeedBase does not have a built-in email software component, there are effective ways to send emails.
The simple way is to use the MapiSendEmail function available as a script function to send data retrieved from the current record to an existing email software on your computer.
A more advanced way is to use a script procedure to send data from a record to your website via HTTP POST method. Your web site then must read incoming data and send the email in that case.
If you want to setup email sending functionality using one of the ways above, just request support and we will guide you thru the setup.

What happens if two users attempt to change the same data at the same time?

When multiple users work on the same records, there is a possibility of a user making changes to a record during the time frame another user opens and updates a record. In this exceptional case SpeedBase will show a warning message to the latter (the user who saves later) to prevent loss of changes made by the former. The latter can then choose from one of the two options:
- cancel his/her own changes and reload the record updated by the other user
- ignore changes made by the other user and overwrite them with his/her changes.

Is there any way to customize or choose a much longer field name?

Field names are used as the internal descriptor/reference of the field and cannot be longer than 25 chars. However you may set a much longer "display name" for a field for display purposes. To customize the font, color or other properties of a field label, see help about Form Designer.

How can I mark or emphasize critical data fields to ensure my users don't skip or misunderstand them?

Using form designer, you may hide a field label and put a label with striking color and font properties. You may also put decorative items like colored rectangles in the background or a warning text to attract attention. See documentation.

How do I modify print layout?

Please check documentation about basic reporting or custom reporting .

How do I generate PDF Documents?

Please check documentation about printing reports.

How do I change or add new items in a dropdown selection (option list) box?

You may add or remove options from field properties window. Point your mouse on top of the option list box, click the red arrow to show field menu, select "Field Configuration", select "Properties".

How do I delete an option item from an option list field which was assigned to a number of records?

Open field properties window, select the option and click delete button. If the option was not assigned to any record, SpeedBase will only ask for confirmation, if it is in use, SpeedBase will ask you what to do with the associated records. You may then choose to set these records either to another option or empty selection.

How can I display a text field as a clickable link for web or email addresses?

Open field properties window of the small text field, locate the title "Text Filter", select "Web Link" or "E-Mail".

Is there a way to access my instant message history?

Yes. Click "Database" menu, select "Catalogs". From catalog manager window check the box labeled "show system catalogs" at bottom. Select "Message Box" from the list, click "Properties" button. Catalog properties window will open. Check there the box "Display in Catalog Tree" and save. You may now access all of your message history from catalog tree.

Is SpeedBase HIPAA Compliant

Please check HIPAA Compliance help page for detailed information about Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.



Does SpeedBase have backup functionality? How should I take backups?

Yes. SpeedBase provides 2 different backup options: Snapshot and Cloud backups.
By default, SpeedBase takes daily database (snapshot) backups and this feature is enabled immediately after installation. You may also decrease the backup interval as short as 15 minutes for the most sensitive operations.

Cloud backup option is also provided starting with version 5 and later. This feature must be activated and configured first. It will then create and periodically update a copy of your data on a specified folder on your computer which must be managed by a 3rd party synchronization software like Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

See the documentation to understand key points to keep your data safe.

Do you have any recommendations to keep my data safe from disasters?

For version 5 or later, activate Cloud Backup feature.
For older versions, you are recommended to use a 3rd party backup solution to create a backup copy of your data in a safe place.



I am not confident about designing my database in the best way. Can you help me ?

Sure. Just send your questions and request support. Include details about what you want to do, screenshots and your current design template if possible. We will then send you recommendations to optimize your design to make it more comfortable and productive.
Contact support for more information.

How can I suggest new features or send feedback?

Any feedback or feature suggestion is welcome and appreciated. Please use the feedback form to submit them. All submissions are saved and evaluated during following development cycles.

I am very happy using SpeedBase. Is there anything I can do to support you?

Tell your friends about SpeedBase. It would also be very appreaciated if you would send a few lines of testimonial from this page to be published with other submissions.

Can you give me a discount ?

For discount options available at this time, please check order page.



Open troubleshooting guide for more information.

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