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"Ability to handle very complex solutions while making it easy to understand how to create the application"

I've used several database packages in the last 20 years. Most are either too simple for medium complex applications or too complex for medium complex applications. Speedbase has the ability to handle very complex solutions while making it easy to understand how to create the application. Support is fantastic!! I cannot say enough about how responsive support is when needed. Support has replied on Weekends... try to get that type of support from anywhere else!! Also you can still use it on your local computer or network; you are not required to use the cloud nor are you locked into renting it. Outstanding product. Keep up the great work. Well worth the cost and I suggest you take the maintenance package so you can get quick answers to complex questions. I have not found any bugs in over 3 years of use... enhancement requests yes; but what program has everything.

I've used SpeedBase teams for several years now. We are an office of lawyers and used the system to create a very complex Probate Tracking package. SpeedBase is easy to learn, update, fast, and supported superbly!! I've used MS Access before and muddled through; I had no issue learning and applying SpeedBase with linked tables and complex table relationships. Without needing complex SQL knowledge, a great deal can be accomplished. SpeedBase continues to add new features that help track our work.

Rich Dayton, www.thedaytonlawfirm.com, San Jose, CA

"Speedbase is the best customer database package I have come across"

Not only is the software easy to use, but the support when you have questions is first class. I originally use ACT! by Sage, but it would not work correctly in Windows 10, so I looked for an alternative. After trying a range of software programs, I came across Speedbase. It does everything I want including creating invoices and tracking payments. Yes, it take a little while to get your head round some of the features and yes there are some minor improvements that could be done, but that said, It's a great software package at a great price. I would thoroughly recommend speedbase to any of my customers who are looking for a customer management database system.
Keep up the good work!

Siggi Ingason, One2One PC Support, Hampshire, UK

"Just started using SpeedBase about two weeks ago"

It is eventually going to be our main 'Command and Control' program to manage all the interactions we have with authors and to track all the processes that are necessary to edit and prepare books for publication.
So far the program is working very well and I have set it up to do some quite clever things that should speed up editing/processing quite noticeably.
One of the best things is definitely the level of support that we are getting. It's good to get answers to questions in a timely manner.
Next step (within a few more days) is to upgrade to the multi-user version.

Robert Agar-Hutton, CEO - Ex-L-Ence Publishing, Gloucestershire, UK

"Speedbase is a wonderful alternative to Access"

User rights management
Easy reporting
Small footprint
Lacks graphs and charts
I was rather reluctant to use this software but I was astonished how easy it was to create fully fledged business applications with ease. This application handles millions of records with ease. It is rock solid and fast and the innovative approach using catalogs is truly brilliant. As a bonus full user and rights management is included. The developers are also very accommodating. I love it
Recommendations to other buyers: Just download the demo and give it a go, you will be surprised.

Pierre Hunt, Blue Dot Group, South Africa


My favorite power factors are advanced computed field, Internal Messanger, Auto-reminder, Easy custom report wizard and multi -relational records, other just allowed to related 2 records between them. business.
They still don't have automatic workflows, direct importing from websites and graphs reports.
This software is very easy to learn and fully customizable. I create a SPIFF calculator tracker application and an advanced CRM application. My favorite power factors are advanced computed field, Internal Messanger, Auto-reminder, Easy custom report wizard and multi -relational records, other just allowed to related 2 records between them. You can create excellent applications with creativity. The have a 5 Start customer support and always are working for new improvements. This an affordable solution for personal use, freelancers, Independent contractors and small business.

Eduardo Morales, Bussines Owner, Simcard Ilimitado, PR, Puerto Rico

"The Duck's Guts"

Simple. (get the message?)
Some of the field calculations are a bit obtuse, but I guess many people using this software probably won't be accessing this functionality.
All I wanted was a simple to use database similar to what FileMakerPro used to be years ago before it became bloatware. After much investigation I settled on SpeedBase Pro. I've been happy ever since.
Its really easy to create a database, or catalogue, and then create forms for data entry and display. I'm still getting my head around calculated fields and linked fields within tables, but don't really need these at this stage.
There is a market for simple databases. Adding too many features just complicates the issue and people turn to spreadsheets instead. Then they wonder why these fall over and don't actually do what they want.

Bruce Campbell, Retired lecturer (professor), New South Wales, Australia

"I wish I can find this software 10 years ago"

This is a No Cluster Solid Software, simple and intuitive layout, it is the best networkable relational database I'ever used.
I like its
-Elegant designed layout,
-Easy to understand when you create your own database and fields.
-All necessary code for writing field code for a end user.
-Best and Fast HELP in the earth.
-LAN networkable easy to setup , no headache.
I have experience using namely access,quickbook,fileamigo,datawasp,trackvia, etc. .. but I think I will use this database for my company.
for me it may become perfect if can solve flwg problem:
- not able to convert directly from a spreadsheet
- not able to edit records without open the record
- not able to click to send a email, or make a phone call etc.
best database for me , a small company runner. thaks for the software !

Sean Lu, Singapore

"Does exactly what we want it to do!"

Amazingly easy to setup & manage! We are a small insurance agency with many carriers and customers. I setup catalogs for carriers and customers so we have instant access to all information. On the few occasions I had to contact customer service, they were prompt and gave excellent service in fixing my issue(s). Love the built in reminder functions....great for reminding us of upcoming renewals! The instant messenger is a bonus we didn't know we would use until we used it a few times. Now I don't know how our office would run without it!
Limited on the number of fields you can create per catalog.
For 1/4 of the price of some systems, it is worth every penny! Does more with less headache!

clintoninokc, Oklahoma, USA

"The documentation is perfect, the tutorials are good understandable"

Company offers a very interesting product in the field simple and at the same full-featured database programs - Speedbase Professional . I was looking for a program on the web that would perform the functions of a simple database for the purpose of recording books, programs, contacts, etc. The first-choice program - Excel - was rejected, as I would go with the current version of the sparrow gun. After a number of attempts, I came up with an offer that was very good for me. She surprised me with sophistication and simplicity, perfect professional documentation (help and tutorials), offering 16 pre-selected templates, covering the basic areas of use. Speedbase Pro is database software withcomplex possibilities to create your own database tailored to your own needs . The range of fields, thumbnails, filters, print and export output support can meet the needs of a wide range of agendas. It allows you to enter contacts, customer information, personal notes, picture archive, financial records, projects, stocks, revenues, medical records, ideas, events, meetings, products, technical information, etc. These are just a few examples of using a customizable database. It allows you to combine business and personal information on one computer. The wealth of possible adjustments meets most common conditions. In addition to using one or more of 16 different application templates(as a starting point), you can build your entire database structure from scratch, step by step. Carefully prepared HELP respects the non-programmer's thinking. The program concept also remembers an answering machine and a calendar to remind various events. The company also offers another product that supports catalog relationships, multi-user access, and is therefore well suited to teamwork. I decided to prepare my own All-in-One Slideshow Review . The review presents the whole workflow in designing and using a single-motion training database built from scratch.

Arnost Katolicky (independent reviewer), Plzen, Czechia

"A very intuitive, easy-to-use database"

Very intuitive/ease of use - and the great support.
Nothing really.
I really like the computed field where you can sum a field from child records - what would be really nice if you could sum a field from the child records in a particular view (rather than all the child records in the catalog). Also it would be useful if you could include some stats/summary info in a basic or custom report e.g. the sum or average of a particular reported field.
A very intuitive, easy-to-use database which is also very flexible. The documentation is also easy to follow and the technical support is great too.

Joy, UK

"SpeedBase Professional Review"

Does not network with Outlook
If you're looking for an easy to create, custom built database checkout SpeedBase Professional. This software meets all the needs our Agency including a strong network capability. Custom filters allow fast reporting & cut our paperwork down to a minimum. Since our original valued purchase 3 years ago, we've never experienced any downtime but we know the support is there if we need it!

Robert Harrison, President at Meritius Innovations LLC, Georgia, USA

"I find this software more and more usefull"

Easy to deal with.
I wish the alarms feature can be better connected with the indyvidual records and have more options
Have of course certain limitation but overall the best alternative to Excell I was able to find so far.



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