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SpeedBase is a powerfull product which can play a significant role for information management needs of small business companies. While you are reading this, many small business owners are struggling to find the right type of database system to boost their business because they don't have enough technical knowledge and confidence about setting up a database system by themselves. Many others are not even aware of the fact that how their business is badly affected just because they aren't using the right tools to manage information.

You may become part of the solution while making money from it. Your interaction with your clients will also attract more requests for various other technical needs and generate more business as time goes on.

Your main role here will be to listen to your client, understand their work-flow and requirements and then use SpeedBase to design their database with mainly drag-and-drop tools. No programming skills are required, so anyone who is fine using typical office software or any design application is perfectly ready to design with SpeedBase. Check this video clip if you have doubts.

No applications, no contracts, no minimum sale quotas asked

  • You may assist your client to purchase a SpeedBase license for themselves and then sell various support services of your own.
  • Alternatively, you may purchase a SpeedBase license on behalf of your client and then resell it to a price you determine including your value-added services.
  • You may charge your client for providing database design, installation and maintenance services.
  • You may charge your client for providing any level of long term support services, which may include online, phone or on-premise support, depending on your preference.
    Alternatively, you may choose to only complete the sale and installation service and then leave the long term support service to us.

A few important points to remember
  • For each license sold to your client, a license key is provided specific to that customer which you should forward to them.
  • A license key cannot be sold/resold to a different customer than it was generated for.
  • 12 months subscription based license is not available for re-sale.

How do I order on behalf of my client?

  • Go to the order page and add the required license and optional products to the cart,
  • Fill in your own information and email in the contact section of the order page,
  • Fill in the actual registrant name of your client into the registrant name box (and NOT your own name),
  • Fill in your client's real name, basic location and contact email into the NOTES section of the order form (or send them via email)
Note that, information of the client is required to create both the customer record and license key of the client. We do not contact your clients but their information is necessary in case they choose to directly contact us or directly buy any products/services from us.

Do I get a license?

You may design a database for your first client using SpeedBase in trial mode without any time limitation. Your client will also be able evaluate that database while running SpeedBase with trial limitations.
You will be granted a free SpeedBase license following your first multiuser license (TeamWork) sale.

How about Private Labeling? May I sell SpeedBase license under my own brand name?

A modified version of SpeedBase which will allow private labeling is in development phase.
Estimated release date is within June/July 2021.

Feel free to contact us for any questions, suggestions or offers.

We Are Here to Help!

We Are Here to Help!  

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