Simple & Powerfull Personal Information Manager (PIM) Software

Personal Organizer for All Types of Personal Information

  • No technical skills required. Easy to use, quick to learn
  • Clean and userfriendly interface, fast and comfortable navigation, (see feature list)
  • Search, update and organize any type of personal or business information easily and quickly,
  • Time & Task Management with reminder feature
  • Fully customizable to store, categorize and manage any kind of information, e.g. contacts, tasks, events, projects, business info or anything you can image
  • Save all your private information on your computer, not on computer or online databases
  • Affordable software, no monthly fees, pay once, use lifetime!

Why Spreadsheet Software Lets You Down?  Why Do You Need SpeedBase?

If you are using any spreadsheet software (like Excel) to save and track information, you should have already discovered that the types of information you need to manage as well as the number of records increase very rapidly with time, and soon it becomes painfull and time consuming to keep the scattered information accurate, searchable and easy to navigate.

SpeedBase is a perfect solution to save and serve information in a well organized, managable and searchable manner. It raises your productivity, saves your valuable time and minimizes evidences of false or outdated information.

Optional Ready to Use Application Templates

SpeedBase also introduces 16 ready to use optional application templates listed below. Of course you can customize them as much as and any time you wish, namely, add new or remove any of the information fields (names, properties, dates, notes etc.) or create a completely new category of information
  • Address/Contact Book
  • Asset Inventory
  • Book Library
  • Domain Tracker
  • Employee Timesheets
  • Job Candidates
  • Passwords
  • Photo Collection
  • Adv. Customer & Project Manager
  • Business Contact Manager
  • Simple Project Manager
  • Simple Product Database & Service
  • Survey Samples
  • Task Scheduler
  • Snippet Library
  • Developer Tools

Check Product Details & Feature List 

Increase Productivity by Managing and Centralising Information

Try SpeedBase Professional, which succeeds to offer powerful features to manage any types of business information quickly while keeping the interface still simple, clean and user friendly.

  • Build your own database, your own center of information, put only the information fields your business requires,
  • Home Users: Save contact info, events, medical records, home inventory, appointments, files & pictures, to-do-list, contact/address info, organize personal projects, create reminders
  • Business Users: Store customer information, contacts, employee info, track support issues, appointments, manage projects and tasks,
  • Developers & IT Workers: Organize software projects, track bugs, versions and issues, track domain and hosting information, archieve snippets and tips...
  • Customize your personal organizer database even further to add new types of information any time you feel the need,

Do all of these without special technical knowledge!
As an average computer user, you can have your own personal information database that is truly optimized to your personal needs and style.

Product Information & Feature List


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