Looking for an Easy to use Small Business Database Software?

Easily Organize All Office Information

Imagine an information management software such that …
  • Easy to understand and easy to use,
  • Has a simple, user friendly interface just like a web browser,
  • Apart from the clutter of tons of scaring tools and boxes many of which you never need,
  • Does not require you to spend hours to read and try to understand help manuals,
  • Not dictates, but allows you to decide which information to store,
  • Lets you search, change, list, organize office information easily and quickly,
  • Fully customizable to store, categorize and manage any kind of information,
  • Ready to offer you further powerful features like advanced filters and access rights control whenever you need,
  • Ready to be used for both small business information management or as a personal information manager

Increase Productivity by Managing and Centralising Information

Try SpeedBase Professional, which succeeds to offer powerful features to manage any types of business information quickly while keeping the interface still simple, clean and user friendly.

  • Build your own database, your own information center, put only the information fields your business needs,
  • Store customer information, contacts, employee info, or use it as an address book, project manager, or assign and track tasks to your personnel… shortly whatever you wish..
  • Customize your database even further to add new types of information any time you feel the need,
Do all of these without special technical knowledge! As an average computer user, you can have your own business information center that is perfectly optimized to your needs and style.

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