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Upgrading from Version 3.x.x to Version 4.0.1

Field limit was changed with version 4.0.0 and above!

Beware that, the maximum number of fields you may create on a single catalog is slightly decreased in this version. If any of your catalogs contains high number of fields that is close to the previous limit of 255, you may NOT be able to complete the upgrade. If that happens, you should uninstall the new version, install version 3.3 and then make the necessary design modifications to decrease the number of the fields on those catalogs so you may upgrade to version 4.
Consult this help page to understand which fields exhaust the field limit.

You are unlikely to be affected if you have no more than 200 fields on a single catalog.
You are not affected and may safely proceed with upgrade if you have no more than 128 fields on a single catalog.
Note that, this limit is applied "per catalog". You may still have thousands of fields distrubuted to a number of catalogs.

Before installing the new version, make sure that your support contract was not expired. If it was expired, you may easily purchase Support Extension and renew your license, otherwise you will not be able to complete the upgrade. If you are not sure, you may check your upgrade expire date by clicking "database" menu and then "information" on SpeedBase. For full details about upgrade policy click here

Follow the instructions given below for upgrading your software to the latest version:

  • Exit SpeedBase. To ensure proper termination, start SpeedBase on your computer and click "exit" from "data" menu.
    (Do not try to exit clicking (X) button. This will only hide the application window and SB will continue to run on system tray)
    Make sure to exit SB on all other machines if you are holding a multiuser license.
  • Download the latest version of SpeedBase Professional from download page.
    Note that, there is no separate download for upgrading or specific to Pro/Teamwork editions. You should download and install the latest version available on top of the download page. The installer will detect the existing installation, switch automatically to upgrade mode and complete installation by just replacing existing files with the latest version. So do not worry about generating duplicate installations as this will not be the case. As an alternative, you may uninstall your existing version first and then install the new version but the end result will be the same.
  • Make sure to install the new version on all other machines if you are holding a multiuser license.
  • The new version will also become automatically registered and fully functional as long as your upgrade term was not expired. Otherwise, you will get a warning message where you may click the "enter new license key" button and then enter a valid license key.
  • During first startup, SpeedBase will also upgrade your database.
  • In case of an exceptional condition where you decide to undo the upgrade, follow the instructions given on this help page

What is New in Version 4.0.1

This version is a bugfix update for version 4.0.0 plus the following new features:
  • The maximum size of plain text data you may save to a long text field has been increased to 256 KB from 64 KB.
  • Computed fields now support a new task for retrieving data from the previously created record. This task is helpful for copying the previously entered data like pricing or expiration date.

See Change Log for the full list of changes.

What is New in Version 4.0.0

Customers are recommended to review the key changes given below in order to get the most out of the new version:
  • SQL Server Support was added with this version. You may take the full advantages of maintaining your database on an SQL Server and connect to your database remotely without the need of a VPN connection. Note that this functionality is provided as an optional component and should be purchased separately. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and above versions are supported. You must have an existing SQL Server installation in order to use this feature.
  • Computed field features are greatly enhanced in this version. You may switch a computed field to manual calculation or let the calculated value freeze after save. Computed fields can also be set as editable by user. These changes make tasks like price/invoice management or tracking a lot easier. The calculation process was also changed to ensure getting accurate results from sorted/filtered data display and cascaded calculations.
    - You may let a computed field retrieve current price value from product table and show on an invoice record. The price becomes fixed permanently once the invoice is saved, even if the price of the original product changes with time. Another example could be retrieving the current address of customer.
    - You may use a "manual" type computed field with a button which updates calculation value only at times you click the button.
    - You may let a computed field compute a numeric or text result using default source values. When you want to make an exception, or you want to take the calculated result as a starting point and make modifications, all you need is edit it.
  • Global Search function was added. You may now run a search query across all catalogs. Various search functions are included to make finding data easier. Finally, you may execute a mass replacement on records returned from search. The global search function was also made readily available from main toolbar.
  • Mass Find/Replace function was added. You may execute mass data replacement for a selection of records, filtrered records or all records. Remember also that this function is available when you right click your mouse on a selection of records. Check "Tools" menu.
  • Custom Reports can now instantly be duplicated from "Report Manager" window. This allows you to easily create a variation of an existing report template without the need of designing a new report from scratch.
  • Duplicate Record Finder function was added. SpeedBase can now search for all possible duplicate records depending on a selection of fields you specify having the same data. Check "Tools" menu.
  • SQL Query window was added. Users who feel confident about running SQL queries may take the advantage of data manipulation thru SQL queries. Check "Database" menu.
  • Import/Export: Files attachments can now be both imported and exported together with records.
  • Files and Images: It is now possible to do a bulk "path" correction for all files that are saved as linked reference.
  • Required Fields: Data fields can be set as "required". The user is not allowed to save a record when a field is set as "required" but left empty.
  • Relational Lookup Fields can now optionally have a search button attachment which opens the search window to easily find and attach the record required.
  • Text Fields: Both small and long text fields now support the shortcut key CTRL+F to open a search box to find a text phrase. When the text has been found, you may click F3 to find the next occurance.
  • Views: You may now precisely adjust the widths of each column. Check "Field Widths" tab on view settings window.
  • Computed Fields: A function browser has been added to the field settings window. This makes it much easier to lookup and insert available functions into the expression editor box.
  • Import: A number of options were added to the import window. Check "advanced options" tab.
  • Date Search: Two new search options "within month" and "within year" are added to advanced search mode.
    Tip: Select a date field with one of these options, click once onto the drop-down box with all months/year applicable. You may now just scroll your mouse to instantly display records belonging to a month/year.
  • Date Search & Filtering: When you select "contains" comparison mode, you may type in MMYY or YY format to search for a time period, e.g. you may type 112016 to search dates within the month Nov, 2016.

See Change Log for the full list of changes.


This warning applies only if you are upgrading from v3.2.x or older
In some cases, the changes coming with the new version may effect computed field results and custom reports. You are recommended to check whether your computed field values as well as custom reports are looking just like before the upgrade. Otherwise, you may need some minor adjustments in your expressions or report settings.


This warning applies only if you are upgrading from v3.2.x or older
Computed fields can use "sField" to extract text data and "nField" to extract numeric data. The new function "dField" is added with this version to extract date data. If you have used "sField" to extract date value from a date field in your expressions, it may stop working depending on your expression. Replace it with "dField" if this happens.


This warning applies only if you are upgrading from v3.1.x or older
During upgrade, all existing computed fields will be set to numeric data type as default so they will no longer be able to display non-numeric results. If you have computed fields which return text or date result, you have to replace them with new computed fields using the same expression but the right return data type.
You are highly recommended to check computed field results after upgrade. In some cases, there may be a need for minor adjustments in computed field expressions. Request support if you need help to build the correct expression.


This warning applies only if you are upgrading from v3.1.x or older
The option "Remind to All Users" has been removed from reminder settings in this version. If you have selected this option in any of your existing reminders you should set them to one of the users, otherwise these reminders will not fire.


What is New in Version 3.3.0

Customers are recommended to review the key changes given below in order to get the most out of the new version:
  • Custom reporting feature is significantly improved. You may create any number of data sections which enables a more diverse range of report designs and allows creating invoices. Sub data sections can contain data from parent catalog.
  • It is now possible to select nonconsecutive, multiple records (hold down CTRL key and click).
  • Two new application templates added: Asset Assignment Logs, Invoice & Stock Manager.
  • File data type enhanced to allow saving links to folders.
  • Support for barcode scanners added (auto pop up records thru barcode scanning).
  • Computed fields can now extract data from the last/first record from related records
    (e.g. get max. order value from a customer's order history, get the current assignment of an inventory item etc.)

See Change Log for the full list of changes.


What is New in Version 3.2.1

  • This version introduces significant enhancements about computed field capabilities. They can now be configured to display data from related records (e.g. a contact can grab and display data from its parent company, a customer record can display the payment total calculated from related order records etc.).
    You may now use computed fields in filter definitions, stat boxes and as a sorting criteria.
    The length of computed field expressions is no longer limited to 255 chars.
  • The maximum number of fields you can create in a catalog is increased to 255.
  • You may now adjust the order of catalogs.
  • Links now require single click instead of double click.
  • Form designer now allows to adjust the order of (top) tabs. You may also customize the cursor navigation order when pressing tab key while displaying a record.
  • You may now configure SpeedBase to auto-create snapshot backups with time intervals of as low as 15 minutes for most sensitive operations. Backup folder can be changed now to any folder and you are recommended to set your backup folder on a different drive or virtual drive.

See Change Log for the full list of changes.


What is New in Version 3.1.4

  • This version includes language compatibility enhancements and support for East Asian languages.
  • You may now customize some of the background colors of certain window areas and fonts. This will also allow you to use larger or smaller size for displaying data. See "preferences" window under database menu.
  • Try changing to a different font if you have any issues about displaying text correctly.

See Change Log for the full list of changes.


What is New in Version 3.1.1

We have received so many requests for an enhanced reporting functionality and now a fully customizable reporting feature including label printing is available as of version 3.1.1. If you are a registered customer having an ongoing upgrade contract, you may upgrade to the new version with reporting feature for free. As the reporting feature requires an updated license, please contact support and request your new license in order to be able to enable the reporting feature. Once you have completed upgrade and replaced your license, you will start to see a new button named "Custom Reports" on print window.

Customers are recommended to review the key changes given below in order to get the most out of the new version:

  • You may create customized reports, print labels or create mail merges using the reporting feature.
    See help documentation for details.
  • SpeedBase Professional / Customer Manager users can now change their data folder to a prefered location.
  • Small text field can now automatically apply letter case changes to the entered information. To activate, see field properties.
  • All data fields now show a small icon on mouse over. By clicking it, you may copy or paste the text information easily.
  • You may use CTRL+A shortcut to select all text in any text fields.
  • While importing data to update existing records, you may choose any column as a key field to match the correct record to update.
  • You may customize the formatting of the data when the "Copy" button is clicked on a record listing. See system preferences.
  • You may import / export your database design (application template) to/from file. See database menu.
  • You may rename the default name of "General" button on record windows. See system preferences.
  • You may change the overlapping order (z-order) of the items during designing record forms.
  • You may consider creating indexes to increase performance if you have a large database. See field properties.
  • You may consider activating caching to increase performance if you have a large database. See catalog properties.

Upgrading from Version 2.x

If you are running version 2.x of SpeedBase, you should first uninstall your existing version before installing the new version.


Download Setups for Older versions of SpeedBase

How to find the correct setup?
  • Check first the expiration time of your latest support term. You may find it from the latest order receipt you received by email or
    by displaying "database information" window from main menu of SpeedBase.
  • Find the row with the latest release date from the table below which is no later than the expiration date of your support term.
  • If you are running a more older version, make sure that you read the upgrade information before the installation.
  • Download from the setup link and install.
  • If applicable, download also the bugfix update for the same version and apply it.

Setup Link: Release Date: Upgrade Information: Bugfix Update: Update Information:
SpeedBase v4.0.1 Apr 26, 2018 Upgrade information Update for version 4.0.1 How to apply bugfix updates?
SpeedBase v4.0.0 Jun 18, 2017 Upgrade information Update for version 4.0.0
SpeedBase v3.3.2 Nov 6, 2016 Upgrade information Update for version 3.3.2
SpeedBase v3.3.0 Sep 15, 2015 Upgrade information Update for version 3.3.0
SpeedBase v3.2.1 Jun 9, 2015 Upgrade information Update for version 3.2.1
SpeedBase v3.1.4 Aug 2, 2014 Upgrade information Update for version 3.1.4
SpeedBase v3.1.1 May 3, 2014 Upgrade information - -


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