Training Videos


Introduction & Basic Navigation Thru Windows      

This video introduces the most used windows, the terminology used throughout help resources and illustrates the basic navigation between the catalogs and records.


Create Simple Database Application From Scratch      

This video illustrates how to create a simple contact database and add the fields like name, phone, address etc. into it. The sample database created in this example includes only a few fields but you can of course add any number of fields you need by following the same steps.


Customize Views & Filter Records      

You can customize the appearance how the records are listed in tabular format and sorting criterias. This example illustrates how to create a customized view and apply a filter so only records with certain properties are shown in the list.


Creating Relationships      

When designed correctly, relationships make a huge difference if you want to get top performance, save time and keep your data clean and accurate. This video illustrates how to create a relationship between two catalogs with just a few mouse clicks.

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We Are Here to Help!  

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