Registering SpeedBase

The steps starting from the first install to getting your license are summarized below: Congratulations! You are now a registered user and trial limitations has been removed.
Your SpeedBase license is valid for lifetime, there are no subscriptions or monthly payments.
If you have to reinstall your operating system or move to another computer, you may use the same license code to register the software again.

If you haven't received your registration email...

If you still haven't received your registration information after 2 days of your order, please make sure to check your spam folder in your mail program or webmail. If you cannot find the registration message do not wait longer and contact us thru license retrieval page, so we can take immediate action to resubmit your key.

If you are moving to a new computer...

Enter your license code to the registration window of SpeedBase as described above. If you have lost your license code click here to request your license code or contact support.
See also this document for details about transferring your data.

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