Guide for Learning Script Language

If you are new to programming with scripts and willing to learn in detail, beware that a significant part of the vbscript language is either not useful or not applicable to use with Speedbase.
To avoid wasting time by learning information which will later turn out to be unnecessary, we recommend you to follow the resources below in the same order:

Conditional Statements:
Explains how to execute a section of script code depending on condition(s).
Conditional Statements

Looping Through Code:
Explains how to repeat a section of script code until a condition is met.

VBScript Core Functions:
Reference of all available functions of vbscript. You will usually use those functions to process or make calculations with the data (i.e. numerics, text, dates) from your database or constants you type.

SpeedBase Specific Functions:
These are additional functions provided by SpeedBase. You may use them for various tasks like retrieving data from your database, modifying data as well as the appearance of the record window, simulating user actions etc.
SpeedBase Functions

You may get a good idea about using operators (e.g. and, or, <,>,&,paranthesis etc.) by just examining the example codes. If you want to have in depth understanding about them you may check the following page as well:

Tip: Remember to use the showmessage command to output a simple text message when experimenting with scripts.
showmessage "hello"

Example Script Codes

A good source for example script codes is available as an application template for version 5.5 and above. To import this template, click "Design" menu, select "Import Application Template" and then select the template "Calculation and Scripts". This will create one new catalog named as "Script Examples". Just create a new record on this catalog and then you may examine each of the examples explained on that record window.

Example expressions to be used with computed fields only:
Expression Examples

Example procedures to be used with script objects and scheduled scripts:
Procedure Examples

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