System User Data Type

This is a special type of option list field to assign a user to the current record. Available in a multiuser environment (Teamwork Edition) only. Fields with this data type are represented as a drop down list box containing SpeedBase user names as its items.

Example: For a customer record, you may create two system user fields which will be used to assign a user responsible for support services and another user responsible for sales.

Beware that, there is also an automatically created system user field called "Record Owner" which you may add via Form Designer window for any catalog. If you want to assign records to specific users and let each of them manage their own record, you are recommended to avoid creating an additional system user field and use the "Record Owner" field instead. Creating a system user field is necessary only if you want to associate more than one user with a record.

Saving ownership information with records allows you to grant extended rights to record owners.
See Applying Owner Rights for more info.

General Properties

Default Value: You may choose the initial setting for this field whenever you start creating a new record.

Text Alignment: Sets the horizontal alignment of the text content. This setting applies to tabular views. You may still select a different alignment to display on record window via "Form Designer" window.

Required: If checked, the user will be required to enter data to this field before the record can be saved.

Advanced Properties

Encrypt Data: If checked, data entered into this field will be encrypted. You must have enabled the encryption feature from preferences window before you can activate it on field properties window.

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