Option List Data Type

Also known as "drop down selection field". Saves property information to select from multiple choices (like colors, sizes etc.). Fields with this data type are represented as a drop down list box. Once created, you are still allowed to rename, remove or insert new options at any later time.

Tip: Only a single choice can be selected in this field when creating/editing a record. If you need to check multiple options at the same time, consider creating multiple checkboxes instead.
If the number of options you may want associate can be large (e.g. as many as hundreds), consider in that case creating a Many to Many Relationship with a catalog which contains those options as its records.

General Properties

Text Alignment: Sets the horizontal alignment of the text content. This setting applies to tabular views. You may still select a different alignment to display on record window via "Form Designer" window.

Required: If checked, the user will be required to enter data to this field before the record can be saved.

Option List Field Properties

Option Items: The option items you have sofar created are displayed in this box. You may click an option item if you want to rename, change order or delete.

Import: If there is a long list of option items (e.g. list of all countries), it is much easier to import them from a text file. Open Notepad and just type each option item as a separate line, save and then import the file.

CAUTION! When you open an existing option list field to make changes, remember that any changes like adding or deleting options are immediately saved to your database. It is NOT possible to undo changes by clicking the "Cancel" button of the field properties window.

Numeric Value: It is possible to associate a fixed numeric value with each option item. Those values are not displayed anywhere on the record but can be retrieved and processed by a computed field.

Set As Default: If checked, the currently selection option item becomes the default selected option when you start creating a new record.

Creating Cascaded Option Lists

It is possible to force an option list field to display a specific group of options which depends on the selection of another (parent) option list field. A typical example for this is a pair of option list fields like "countries" and "cities". Once the user selects a country from the first field, the second field becomes automatically populated with the cities only belonging to the selected country.

Parent Option Field: Select the parent option list field only if this field is the child option list of another option list field. Remember that, you must leave this setting as "None" if this field is the parent one.

Option Key: This setting is used only if this field is a parent option list of another option list field. Otherwise it has no function. The initial option key is set same as the option name by default and you may leave it as it is as long as each option key is distinct. The child option list field will refer to this key to determine which option item to show. You may also enter star character (*) here in case you want the child field to display all of it's options when this option is selected.

Parent Key: This setting is used only if this field is a child option list of another option list field, so it is only displayed when the parent option field was set. You may select here the parent option item to which current option item belongs.
- Open parent option list settings (e.g. "Countries"),
- Assign a distinct key value to each option item (e.g. country code) and save, exit,
- Open child option list settings (e.g. "Cities"),
- Set the "parent option list field" of the "Cities" field as "Countries",
- Add the option items for the first parent option (e.g. add all cities of the first country),
- Assign a "parent key" to each child option and save option (e.g. assign the parent country code for each city),
- Add the option items for the next parent option and so on...

On record window, once you select the first country from the first option list field, the "Cities" option list field immediately gets populated with the cities of the selected country.

Advanced Properties

Encrypt Data: If checked, data entered into this field will be encrypted. You must have enabled the encryption feature from preferences window before you can activate it on field properties window.

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