Numeric Data Types

There are two data types to save and display numeric as well as monetary values.


Saves positive or negative integer numbers that do not exceed approx. 2 billion.


Saves decimal numbers (including money) having up to 16 digits on left and up to 8 digits on right side of the decimal point.

General Properties

Default Value: Sets the default value inserted automatically whenever you start creating a new record.

Text Alignment: Sets the horizontal alignment of the text content. This setting applies to tabular views. You may still select a different alignment to display on record window via "Form Designer" window. Numerics are aligned to right by default.

Duplicate Data: Select whether two distinct records of this catalog may have the same data in this field. If you disallow duplicates, SpeedBase will show a warning message and refuse to save the current record if duplicates are found. If you select "Allow w. Warning" instead, a duplicate warning icon will be displayed but the user will still be allowed to save the record.

Required: If checked, the user will be required to enter data to this field before the record can be saved.

Numeric Field Properties

Use Thousands Separator: If checked, the numeric values will be displayed with thousands separator character depending on the current locale.

Show Fixed Number of Decimal Places: If checked you may determine how many decimal digits must be shown.

Text Prefix/Suffix: You may determine a fixed text piece which must be displayed before and/or after the numeric values. Typically used to show monetary symbol before or after the value.

Example: To save and display USD values e.g. $1,250.00
- Select "decimal" data type,
- Check "user thousands separator",
- Check the box "show fixed number of decimal places" and enter "2" for digit box,
- Type "$" into the box "text prefix".

Advanced Properties

Encrypt Data: If checked, data entered into this field will be encrypted. You must have enabled the encryption feature from preferences window before you can activate it on field properties window.

Encryption setting can only be determined during creation of a new field. Once the field was created, this setting cannot be changed. If you want to turn on encryption for an existing field, the recommended way to do it is:
- Enable encryption from preferences window if you didn't do it already.
- Export all data on that field for all records to file.
- Create another copy of that field and make sure to activate the encryption option.
- Import the previously exported data to the new field.
- Delete the older version of the field.

For multiuser licenses, if you want to make sure to remove all traces of un-encrypted version of data:
- Execute "optimize/repair" database from the "maintenance" tab of the connection window.
- Move all backup copies of your database to a more secure location as they still contain the unencrypted version of the data.

If you want to turn off encryption for an existing field, create an unencrypted version of the field and then follow the same export/import steps given above.

Create Index: Creating an index may improve performance for accessing/searching records but also may slow down creating/importing/deleting records. You are recommended to leave this box as it is unless you are a database specialist.

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