Running Multiple Instances of SpeedBase with Multiple Databases

While it is possible to start multiple instances of SpeedBase each connected to a different database, beware that this is not fully supported and not recommended either.
Follow the steps given below to start two separate databases by double-clicking separate desktop shortcuts:

- Start SpeedBase, open preferences window, click "Interface" section, uncheck "continue running in the background", save changes.
- Adjust connection settings to connect to the second database and repeat this previos step again.
- Click "Data" from main menu, select "Exit" to terminate SpeedBase.
- Open task manager and terminate all running instances of SpeedBase in case there are any.
- Locate the desktop shortcut icon of SpeedBase program, copy and paste it to create two new copies of the shortcut.
- Right click the new shortcut, open properties window. At the end of the line with "Target" header, add a space and then the following command line switch to open a specific database file:
- Save the shortcut, repeat the same step for the second shortcut so that it opens the next database file.

Starting Speedbase with a "db" command line switch always overwrites connection settings and the software connects to the specified database.
Beware that you may not start databases located on different data folders with this method. Both database files must exist in the same data folder.

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