Duplicating a Record

You may create an exact copy of an existing record and then continue editing this new record. This can be especially useful when you need to create a new record which will have the same information on most of the fields as an existing record. Creating a copy and then modifying only the required fields can be easier then creating the record from scratch in that case.
You may create a duplicate in two ways:

- After you open an existing record window, click "Duplicate" button from the top toolbar.
- When you are displaying a list of records, select a single record, right click your mouse, select "Duplicate" from the popup menu.

A new record window will open with all fields automatically filled with the exactly same data of the originating record. Note that this new record is not saved to the database initially. You may make the necessary modifications and then save the record.

System fields like "ID" or "Creation Time" will not be duplicated by this command.

Tip: If you need to duplicate a significant number of records, you may consider exporting them and then import as new records.

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