Printing Reports

How to Print Records

Report Type: From print window, select the report type as either "Basic" or "Custom". Beware that, to print a custom report your license must cover "custom reporting" feature.

Report Template: Data Source: Select whether you want to print selected records or all records of the current view or all records existing in current catalog.

The preview window may not display all records requested if large number of records are sent to the preview. This will not affect however the actual printing.

How to Generate PDF Outputs

Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a pdf printer driver and you may generate PDF outputs from any application by simply selecting "Microsoft Print to PDF" from the available printer devices on print dialog. If this driver does not show up, you may need to enable it from "Turn Windows Features On or Off" window.

Older Versions of Windows

You are recommended to install one of the free PDF printer drivers available on the internet. This solution has also the additional benefit of ability to print to PDF not only from SpeedBase, from all applications on your computer which have printing capability. Once you have installed a PDF printer driver, it will show up just like a printer device inside the printer selection box on print dialog and you will then be able to print to PDF by simply selecting that PDF driver.

For your convenience, we have included here some of the popular and freeware PDF printer drivers available from 3rd party software developers:

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