Scheduled Task Manager

You may create and manage various types scheduled tasks in this window. A scheduled task can either be executed once at a predetermined time or periodically within preferred time intervals.

A task is not owned by the user who created it. That means, the execution of the task does require it's creator to be logged in and can be executed by any of the running instances of Speedbase on a multiuser environment. If everyone is logged out and there are no running instances of Speedbase left, a task with a past execution time will be executed as soon as any user starts Speedbase.

Possible task types are:

Task Types

Scheduled Scripts

You may create scripts which are executed automatically in the background for various tasks such as, periodically processing existing data or downloading/uploading information from/to a web site via internet.
See Scheduled Scripts for more information.

Scheduled Recalculation of Computed Fields

This task is useful if your computed fields require to be recalculated and updated periodically. When a computed field's calculated value depends on current date and time, the result may change as time passes. A typical example is determining expiring contracts. The contract date is compared with current date and the final result will change if current date is equal or later than contract expiration date. A daily recalculation of computed fields will then ensure the results always being up to date.

Scheduled Cloud Backup

When you activate Cloud Backup feature, this task will automatically created in order to update the backup files every day. This task cannot be managed from this scheduled task manager window. If will be turned off if cloud backup is disabled.

Task Management

New Task: Creates a new scheduled task.

Edit Script: Opens Script Editor window for the selected script task.

Edit Schedule: Opens schedule editor window for the selected task.

Rename: You may rename a script task to describe it's purpose.

Refresh: Refreshes the latest execution status of the tasks.

Execute: Executes the selected task immediately.

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