Cloud Backup

By default, SpeedBase is configured to use the built-in, local database after installation.
If you have modified the database type setting later to use a Microsoft SQL Server, you should read the help page Back Up SQL Server instead.
If you are not sure which database type is in use, click "Database" menu from main window, select "Connection".

What is Cloud Backup? What is its Purpose?

Cloud backup is an automatic background process which creates and regularly updates a copy of your data folder in a specified folder. Activating this feature enables recovery of your complete data from almost all types of disasters such as loss of data by user mistake, hard drive failure, malicious software attacks, theft, fire etc.
In order to use this feature, the target folder which gets the backup copy must be managed by a file synchronization service with versioning support. So you must install a 3rd party software provided by a file synchronization service (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive etc.) before you can activate this feature.

Once configured and running normally, users are recommended to monitor the backed up data at occasional times to ensure they are recently created. If there is an issue related to e.g. folder permissions, modified folder location, antivirus interference, internet connection, cloud backup software etc. the backup process might stop working and you may not notice it until you need them.
Never try placing your complete data folder into a cloud synchronization folder. This may look simple and straighforward solution but because of the way how synchronization process works, it is very likely that the sync process of such services causes irreparable damage to your database.

Are File Attachments Covered In Cloud Backup?

If all file fields were configured to save files to "local data folder", they will be backed up together with your data folder. If a file field saves only shortcuts, then those files will not be part of the backup and not covered. If you have file fields which were set to save shortcut, you may consider keeping the files inside your sync folder or arrange an additional backup method to back them up from their original folder location.

Cloud Backup Configuration

Cloud backup feature comes as disabled after installation. You must first install a 3rd party cloud synchronization software (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive etc.) and then adjust cloud backup settings before it can be activated. It is essential that the sync software you choose provides versioning support else you will not be protected against malicious software attacks.

To adjust cloud backup settings, When you setup the cloud backup for the first time, SpeedBase will copy all files in your data folder to a dedicated folder inside the specified sync folder. A periodic backup task will also be created so the backup copy can be updated on a daily basis. This task is executed in the background silently but you may check the result of the latest task execution from the scheduled task window under database menu.

How to Restore From Cloud Backup?

Before restoring your data folder from the cloud backup copy, make sure that the synchronization software you have used to backup is installed and the sync folder is synchronized. At this point you may either choose to overwrite all files in your data folder or create a new data folder in a new location on your hard drive. If you installed everything new and there is no data in your data folder, you may choose current folder. If you are unsure, it is better to create a new data folder and keep the current one untouched just in case you need. SpeedBase will copy the backup copy found inside the synchronized folder to the data folder you specified. Once all files were copied, it will also update connection settings and then attempt to connect to the database file restored from backup.

Depending on the issue which caused you to decide to restore from cloud backup, the sync software might have executed another synchronization round "after" the issue. If that happens, current data on cloud will possibly be useless. If that happens, consult documentation of your sync service to download an older version of synched data.

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