Snapshot Backups

Tip: If you want to move your whole data to another computer see the page Changing Location of Data

Caution! This help document applies to the current version of SpeedBase (version 5.0.0 and later). If you are using version 4 or older, see Backup Functionality For Version 4

By default, SpeedBase is configured to use the built-in, local database after installation.
If you have modified the database type setting later to use a Microsoft SQL Server, you should read the help page Back Up SQL Server instead.
If you are not sure which database type is in use, click "Database" menu from main window, select "Connection".

What is a Snapshot Backup? What is its Purpose?

A snapshot backup is nothing but a file copy of your database which is created periodically in the background.
By default, SpeedBase regulary creates snapshot backups of your master database. You may adjust the backup interval as well as clean up of older backups but this feature cannot be turned off.

The snapshot backups are very useful to go back (roll back) to an older state of your database in time, in case a significant amount of data was lost because of user action by mistake or you just made some experimental changes to the database structure which you wish to undo.

Note that, this feature is not available for SQL Server connection.

Snapshot backups do not contain file attachments. You may not use this feature to back up or restore file attachments.

Beware that the snapshot backup system is NOT meant to protect your data from disasters like hard drive failure, viruses or physical threats like theft or fire. Backups are created in your data folder and they are still vulnerable to those threats just like your master database. Also it will NOT help you to restore your database after reinstalling Windows or installing SpeedBase to a new computer.
For actual protection, you must enable the cloud backup feature

Snapshot Backup Configuration

Snapshot backup feature comes as enabled after installing version 5 or later and cannot be turned off. You may however adjust a few options of this feature.
To configure snapshot backup settings, click "Database" from main menu, select "Backup & Restore".

Backup Interval

You may set a backup interval between once a week to as short as 15 minutes. The default and recommended setting is once a day. You may choose a shorter interval for more sensitive operations however, keep in mind that this may cause creation of large amount of files quickly, e.g. a 5 MB database with 15 min. setting would consume almost 15 GB disk space after a month.

Backup Clean Up

When set to "progressive" (default) SpeedBase deletes aging backup files selectively to keep files with longer intervals between them as they age.

Backup & Restore

How to Take a Snapshot Backup Manually?

Although SpeedBase takes regular snapshot backups in the background, there might be cases when you need to back up the very last state of your database just before making some critical changes on your database or importing a large amount of data. To do this, click "Database" from main menu, select "Backup & Restore", click "Backup Now" button.

How to Restore from a Snapshot Backup?

Click "Database" from main menu, select "Backup & Restore" to open Backup & Restore window. Select the backup file you wish to restore from the list and click "Restore" button. Beware that, once you restore from a backup, you agree to lose all data created/updated between the creation time of backup and now.

Tip: If the backup file you restore does not contain the data you expected to see, you may need to select and restore a much earlier backup file.

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