Scheduled Scripts

Scheduled scripts are scripts which are executed at a predetermined time or executed periodically within preferred time intervals.
These scripts are executed silently in the background without any user interaction. You may check the last execution time and execution result of a script from "Scheduled Task" window.

To create a scheduled script:
Tip: You may suspend execution of the script if you uncheck "enable scheduled execution" box from schedule settings window.

Tip: You may also create a scheduled recalculation task on the same window. This task will then periodically recalculate all computed fields in either a selected catalog or all catalogs. A periodic recalculation is necessary if the result of the calculation for a computed field can change with time, e.g. a calculation which determines whether a contract term has expired (at current date) or not, is required to be executed on a daily basis to keep it accurate.

Additional Information:

- Script Editor

- Function Reference

- Example Procedures

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