SpeedBase provides a wide range of scripting capabilities to enhance user interface as well as manipulate and optimize data.

Note that, you do not need to have any coding skills in order to design and effectively use your database (as is the case with vast majority of SpeedBase customers).

Writing simple computed field expressions requires nothing more than basic arithmetic rules. A computed field expression like FIELD("cost") + FIELD("profit") obviously adds up the values existing on data fields named COST and PROFIT. Now you already know how to show the sum of numbers on multiple fields.

Writing multiline script codes requires a basic level of understanding computer programming. While most of the features of SpeedBase provided for designing a database can easily be utilized by users without specific skills, scripting features target more advanced users with technical background. Scripts make it possible to execute complicated calculations and tasks.

Limited Technical Support is Available

Feel free to request support whenever you need basic functionalities e.g. conditionally hiding/showing/moving data fields, validating user input, doing simple arithmethics between numeric data etc. and are not sure how to write the correct script. For more complicated tasks, we do also provide paid case based technical support.

Computed Field:

This is a special type of data field which is capable of displaying and saving calculated data. A computed field can read and process data from neighbouring fields of the same record as well as from the fields of a relational record. Starting from version 5, they are also capable of doing the calculation by a multiline procedure.

Statistical Box:

You may place one or more statistical box on top of a record listing to display calculated information about current view. These can include sum of field, total number of records etc.

Action Button:

You may place one or more action buttons on a record window which will execute a procedure when the user clicks to them.

Script Object:

You may place one or more script objects on a record window which will execute a procedure when a specific event like saving record, changing tab, pressing a key etc. occurs.

Scheduled Script:

This is a procedure which is executed at the scheduled time and optionally repeated with periodic time intervals.

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