Back Up & Restore SQL Server Database

This help section applies to Microsoft SQL Server connection only! By default, SpeedBase is configured to use a local database after installation.
If you did not modified the database type setting, you should read the help pages Snapshot Backups and Cloud Backups instead.
If you are not sure which database type is in use, click "Database" menu from main window, select "Connection".

SpeedBase does NOT provide any functionality to automatically back up your SQL Server database.
You must use your own preferred method to safely and regularly back up your SQL Server database.
We recommend you also to test the backups to make sure that they are properly created and can be restored without any issues in case you need them.

What Data Do I Need to Back Up?

For an SQL Server connection, there are 2 separate type of objects which you must make sure that they are backed up regulary to avoid any possible disaster like hard drive failure, incorrect data modification by user mistake, virus damage, physical threats like theft, fire etc.

  1. Your database on SQL Server
  2. File Attachments

How to Back Up / Restore Your SQL Server Database?

Backing up an SQL Server database and restoring it is beyond the scope of this help documentation.
For further information, please consult the documentation of your SQL server or backup software.

How to Back Up File Attachments?

Note that, SpeedBase has multiple different methods to save file attachments. Backing up your SQL server database does NOT mean that file attachments are also backed up. You should consider the following cases for file attachments and adjust your backup procedure accordingly:

If you have a number of file fields with mixed setup, make sure that they are all backed up for each cases described above.

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