Field Limit

You may create any number of catalogs and up to 248 fields on each catalog. The actual limit for data fields you may create depends on your selection of data types. Certain data types allocate 2 fields from the limit each.

When you create one of the following field types, the remaining number of fields you may create decreases by 2 instead of 1.

Tip: You may check the number of currently allocated/remaining fields from the field list window. Right click the desired catalog, select "Fields". The information is displayed at the bottom of the field list window.

In majority of applications there are relatively fewer number of these type of fields and the maximum number of fields you may create is well above 200.
If your application requires significant number of these type of fields, you may calculate the actual maximum fields you may create as shown in this example:

3 text field spend 3
5 expression type computed fields spend 5
3 relational type computed fields showing parent data spends (double each) 6
2 file/image field spend (double each) 4

Total fields allocated: 18
The remaining number of fields you may create: 248 - 18 = 230

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