Barcode Processing

You may configure SpeedBase to automatically find and open the record whose barcode is read by a barcode scanning device. To do this, create a small text field in the required catalog and save barcode text for each record. Then, set the catalog and the field carrying barcode data on preferences window. Whenever you want to use your barcode scanning device, just click the "Barcode" button from the main toolbar and scan a barcode. Once SpeedBase recognizes a barcode input, it will automatically search your database for the barcode and open the matching record.

Note that, barcode scanners simply send the text equivalent of barcodes to your computer exactly as if you have typed the same text from your keyboard. That means, you may also manually type in the barcode text from your keyboard to open the related record as long as you keep the barcode function activated. When you choose to type in, remember to type quickly enough without pausing, else the input will be discarded.

The minimum number of characters allowed for barcode data is three by default.

Nothing will happen if the barcode input does not match with data on any record.

Example keyboard test for the barcode setup:
- Select any desired small text field as the barcode source from preferences window as described above.
- Open any record and type into the barcode field a three letter (no less) sample text, save and close the record.
- Activate the barcode feature from main toolbar.
- Just type the same letters from your keyboard you have just entered. SpeedBase will immediately match the input with the right record and open it.

This test shows you how the feature works without even using an actual barcode scanner device. To test with an actual device, plug in the device to your computer, let it read any barcode you can find. SpeedBase will again open the record which carries the same text equivalent as data.

How to Print Barcodes

If you want to print out barcode marks with your reports, you must install a "barcode font" to your computer. Various barcode fonts including free ones are available on the internet.

Creating Keyboard Shortcuts for Records

It is possible to use this feature to define keyboard shortcuts for records rather than scanning actual barcodes. You may save short codes with each record and then instantly open them by typing the code in that case.

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