Exporting/Importing Your Database Design

If you are looking for "importing data" see importing records.
If you are looking for "exporting data" see exporting records.

You may export your full database design elements, i.e. catalogs, fields, form designs, views, filters etc. to a file. The exported file is actually an application template which you may later import to another (preferably empty) database to reproduce exactly the same catalogs, fields and other design elements as your original database.
The final result is apparently a copy of your database without any records or file attachments at all.

Caution! It is not possible to backup or move location of your data by using the template export/import features!

Sharing Application Templates with Others

An application template file only contains the structural information of your database design but does not contain any data or records. So it is safe to share your database design with other SpeedBase users in general.
Beware however that an application template contains the titles you gave to catalogs, fields, views, reports etc. If you have used any sensitive text for naming such database construction elements, you may consider renaming them or excluding those catalogs having such names from export.

Exporting Application Template

Importing Application Template

Caution! You are recommended to create a database backup before importing a template if your database contains data. Tip: If you are unhappy with the final result after import, you may choose to revert to the latest database backup.

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