Designing Custom Reports

Custom report designer is an optional component and available only if your license purchase includes this feature.

SpeedBase includes a powerful custom report designer which allows you to freely design all the content and style you want to see on your report. Once you complete your design, it is saved as a new report template and can now be used any time to create a report of your records in a custom designed format.
You may create any number of templates under each catalog and modify a template any time you want.

Creating a new Report Template

Report Name: Give any name to your report to identify it's purpose and content easily.

Data Source: Designates the catalog from which record data will be retrieved and displayed in the report. This selection becomes permanent for this template and cannot be changed later.

Report Type: Select "Custom" for the field "Report Type". If you want to create a report for printing labels, see label printing
This selection becomes permanent for this template and cannot be changed later.

Page & Printer Settings: Select the desired default settings for this report template.

Page Width & Height: This setting will be enabled only if you select "custom size" from page size selection box.

Page Margins: The preferred margins here have actually no effect on design or print. They are only used to show the preferred margin positions during design.

Modifying Report Properties

Designing Report Templates

See Report Designer for detailed explanation about designing a fully customized report.

See Label Printing if you want to print labels for mail merge.

Printing Reports

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