Multiuser & Remote Connections

Connection Options

By default, SpeedBase connects to its built-in, file based database and does not require a server machine or installation of a server side software (with the exception of SQL server option). You may choose and go with any of the available connection options given below whichever works best for you.

Key Points to Remember


How to Setup Multiuser Connection within a Local Network

SpeedBase can connect to your database thru a shared folder on your local area network. Follow the steps given below to allow multiple users to connect to your database:
  1. Choose a computer, a storage device or your existing server in your local network on which your database file will reside. Try to choose a device which is up and running during whole working hours if not all time, as your database will only be available as long as it is up.
  2. Create a shared folder. (See the end of this page for more information about creating shared folders)
  3. Go back to the computer where your current database was created. Locate the data folder of your database. To find out the folder location, open "connection settings" window from "database" menu. The path is displayed under "Data Folder" title.
  4. Click on the data folder link on connection settings window to browse that folder on Windows Explorer.
  5. Right click the data folder, click "Copy". (Its location is "My Documents\SpeedBase\data" by default unless you changed before)
  6. Browse to the shared folder, right click the shared folder and click "paste". This will create a copy of the data folder including your database and other data files.
  7. Start SpeedBase, open "connection settings" window, click browse button under the title "Data Folder Location". Browse into the shared folder, select the copied version of your data folder, click OK.
  8. On "connection settings" window, select your database file from the box titled "Database Name". Click "Save Settings". Click "Exit". SpeedBase will now connect to the database from the shared folder.
  9. Repeat the last two steps on all other computers to allow them to connect to the same database under the shared folder.

Tip: If you cannot see any entry in the "database name" selection box, you have probably selected the wrong folder as "data folder". Try selecting either the parent or the subfolder of the currently selected folder.
Tip: Practically, you will be able to connect to your database as long as you are able to browse to the shared data folder via Windows Explorer.

Make sure that the connection settings window of SpeedBase on each computer shows exactly the same data folder location and database name. You are strongly recommended to remove any older, unused, duplicate copy of your data folder from your network to ensure no computer gets connected to an old copy of your database by mistake in the future.

Testing the Connection

It is essential to make a test if the database is shared on all computers successfully. If the change is not visible try clicking the reload button on the current window.
If the change is still invisible, check connection settings to make sure that all computers are connected to the same database file on the same shared data folder.


How to Setup Multiuser Remote Connection using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

There are a number of easy to use, easy to setup VPN products available on the internet. Once you setup the VPN software on both of your host and client machines, the VPN software will allow the user on client computer to browse shared folders of the host computer. You may then adjust connection settings on SpeedBase to connect via the shared folder.

In some cases you may need to adjust firewall settings on either machines to allow the VPN product to connect successfully. Consult the documentation of your VPN product or consider getting help from a network expert if needed.

How to Setup a Shared Folder

You may find lots of tutorials with screenshots or Youtube videos if you search for "setup shared folder windows 10".
We have included one example site for your convenience below:

How to set up network file sharing on Windows 10

If you have difficulties to create shared folders and there is a network administrator in your workplace, you may consider asking him/her to setup a shared folder for you as there may be a specific network configuration requiring specific adjustments.

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