View Configuration

You are recommended to read "Understanding Views" before this section.

Recommended video: Creating Views & Filters

How to Open View Settings Window

From Catalog Tree: Right click a view item and select "Modify" from popup menu.
From Record List: Right click anywhere on the record list window and select "Modify this View" from popup menu.

View configuration window allows you to save your displaying preferences of a record list. This window contains 3 boxes. The first box contains all of the available fields for the current catalog. The second box contains the fields you wish to display in record list window. The last box contains the fields which should be used as sort criteria for the records.

Choosing Which Fields Are Shown

Select the field you wish to be displayed from "Available Fields" box, click "Add" button to move it to the "Displayed List Box". You may also determine the horizontal ordering of a displayed field by selecting it and clicking up or down arrows.

Determining How Records Are Sorted

Select the field you wish to use as a sorting criteria from "Displayed Fields" box. Click "Add" button to add it to the "Sorting Criterias" box. You may also reverse the sort order or use multiple fields as sorting criterias (In this case if there are many records which have the same value for the first field to sort, the second field will be used).

Changing Field (Column) Widths

If you find that some columns are too wide or too narrow in record list window, you may adjust them by clickin "Field Widths" tab. You may then drag the column boundaries to make the necessary adjustment.

Using a View as Template for Creating a New View

In some cases you may need to create a new view which is a little different than an existing view. You may then use the existing view as a starting point.
To do this, right click a view item from catalog tree and select "Copy as New View" from popup menu.
You may also use this method to create similar views with different filters attached on them.

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