Creating a New Database

When you start SpeedBase the first time after installation, a new, empty database is created. It is also possible to create a new database at a later time. New users are recommended to do some training with the first database and creating a new one before starting to enter actual data.

How to Create a New Database

SpeedBase will ask you for the database file name. If you create the database using the same name and location as your current database, it will be overwritten and all data in your current database will be lost. Use a different name if you wish to keep your current database.

Working With Multiple Databases

SpeedBase allows you to maintain multiple database files and connect to any of them by modifying database connection settings.

Creating and working with multiple databases is safe as long as you give a different file name for each database and you stay aware of which database you are connected to. You may also use this feature to create a second database for experimental modifications you want to try without putting actual data in danger.

Working with two (or more) databases for saving actual data on both is not recommended unless you definitely need to isolate data.

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