Toolbar Buttons

Main Toolbar Buttons

Reload: Reloads current window. All record data displayed in current view is refreshed from database to show the latest saved values.

New Record: Opens a new blank record details window to create a new record in the current catalog.

Copy: Copies displayed data of all selected records to the clipboard. Beware that only displayed data is copied. Any field data that is not shown on current view will not be included. You may paste the copied data to a spreadsheet software or any text editor.

Export: Exports currently selected records to file. For more information, see Export.

Print: Opens print window to print currently selected records.

Search: Opens global search window to do a search across all data in your database.

Reminders: Opens the reminder management window where you may review the list of all active reminders, create a new one or edit existing.

Send IM (Instant Message): (Teamwork edition) Sends an instant message to the selected SpeedBase user(s). See Instant Messenger for more info.

Barcode: Activates barcode sensor. See Barcode Processing for more info.

Help: Opens online help & support center page in your web browser.

Record Window Toolbar Buttons

Reload: Reloads current record. All record data is refreshed from database to show the last saved state of it. Beware that, if you click this button while there are unsaved changes on the record, changes will be lost.

Save: Saves the changes you have made on current record to the database.

Save & Close: Saves and closes current record window.

Save & New: Saves changes, closes the record and opens a new blank record window.

Previous Record: Loads the record which comes before the currently displayed record.

Next Record: Loads the record which comes after the currently displayed record.

Deactivate: Deactivates the current record. See Deactivating Records for more info.

Lock: Protects the current record to prevent accidental modifications. See Protecting Records for more info.

Copy: Copies all of the field values of current record to clipboard. You may then paste the data to any other application in plain text format.

Print: Opens print window to print currently displayed record.

Config: Displays a popup menu to change the field configuration and the design of current record window.

Delete: Deletes the currently displayed record permanently. There is no undo for this action.

Close: Closes current record window.

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