Deactivating Records

When you deactivate a record SpeedBase will mark it as inactive. Depending on the filters you created, the record list window may list only active records.

Deactivating a record is very similar to moving a record to recycle bin.
Re-activating an inactive record is also very similar to restoring the record from recycle bin.
You may control the activity status of records intead of deleting them permanently.

If you want to control the activity status of records of a catalog, you must first enable that catalog for tracking the activity information. To do this,
- Open properties window of that catalog by right clicking the catalog name from catalog tree and select "properties" from the popup menu,
- Check "enable activity control" box,
- Save and exit.

This will add the activity control buttons to the toolbar of the record window. You may now deactivate / reactivate a record when you are displaying a record in record details window.

Tip (multiuser): Depending on your database design model, you may consider disabling DELETE permission from user group settings.

How to Hide Deactivated Records From Listings?

You may display only active records by adding a simple filter rule to the views (see picture below).
See Applying Filters for more info about how to create filters.

Tip: You are recommended to also create a "show all" or "show inactives" type view which displays all/inactive records. Otherwise, you will not be able to display the hidden records when you need.

How to Re-activate Records?

While you are displaying a record in record details window, click the deactivate/activate button on toolbar again to reactivate the record.

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