Applying Extended Owner Rights

On a multiuser environment (Network edition), it is possible to restrict a SpeedBase user to only view (or modify) the records which are assigned to him/her. This feature helps to minimize accidental modification of information in your database and also makes sure that a certain segment of information can only be modified by the authorized personnel.

This feature can easily be utilized by simply adding the system field "record owner" to your record form which allows you to set one of the users as the owner of the currently displayed record. The users also can change the ownership to other users, which makes it very convenient for example to pass a certain task to another user.

The "record owner" field is a system field created by SB automatically which is available for all catalogs. Use the Form Designer to add this field onto your record form.

How to Grant Extended Rights to the Owners?

You need to create two access rights directive, one to restrict access by default and another one to grant access to the record owners.

Example: Suppose that you wish that the members of your sale team are allowed to monitor all of the order records but every member is allowed to modify only the orders of his/her own. This example assumes that you have a catalog named as "Orders".
The members of the sale team can now display all the order records but every one can only make changes to the records he/she owns. (If a user assignes a different user to a record he/she loses the modify right for that record.)

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