Record Details Window (Form)

If you double click any record row or single click any underlined cell while you are viewing a record list window anywhere, SpeedBase will open a new window and display the details of the related record. This is the form window where you can view, create or modify record information in the catalog you are working.

Accessing Related Records

A record detail window may have its own menu on left side which allows you to access "related records" from other catalogs easily. Every menu button represents a relationship with current catalog with another catalog. If you do not see any menu item, this means that you either haven't created a relationship with another catalog or didn't create a menu button. See Creating Relationships for detailed information.

Updating Records

You can save the changes you have made on current record by clicking the save button on toolbar. If the save button or data fields are disabled, the possible causes are:

Adding/Removing Records To/From a Record List

Clicking a side menu button will display a related record list. You may right click your mouse to show the context menu to create new, insert existing or remove selected record to / from the current list in that case. Note that, "inserting" an existing record will not create new record, it only relates the target record with the main record. In the same manner, removing from the list never deletes an existing record, it only removes the relation between the target and main record.

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