Welcome to SpeedBase Online Help

SpeedBase is a customizable database software with a userfriendly interface designed for information management.
Learning how to use SpeedBase is fast and does not require special technical skills.

Before moving into details, we highly recommend you to watch the training videos first.

The recommended path to follow for a quick start up is given below:

1st STEP: Do Some Training   (Without being worried about hurting actual data)

On first startup after installation, SpeedBase will automatically create a new, empty database for you.
Use this database for training only as you may create a new one for entering actual information.

2nd STEP: Create a New Database For Entering Actual Data

Note that, you may skip most of the steps below if you are already happy with the current design of your database.

3rd STEP: Adding More Power

For Teamwork Edition Users: You may find further documentation for extended features like messenger or user management under the related help menu titles.

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